An Everyday Magic

Ann Le

Ann Le Yoga Online

As we move into this temporary new normal in our lives, I hope to share time to reset and replenish the body and mind with you. This practice helps us stay connected to our own inner constants and become more in tune with ourselves.

Each day brings something new, which can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. Take care and reconnect with the grounding resources within you.


  • A warming flow with a gentle tone

  • A teeny sweat may sneak up on you

  • Beginner-friendly and dynamic movements

  • Moments of pause and awareness building.

  • Body/breathing concentration exercises.


  • You’ll need to download zoom to jump in

  • Please arrive at the meeting 5 - 10 minutes before start.

  • When instruction starts and I will be unable to accept new participants

  • As long as you are paying attention to how you're breathing and your breath, YOU'RE DOING YOUR YOGA

  • Take any extra movements that you may need or feel inspired to do

  • Listen to what's right for your body

  • This is your time to check in with yourself**


  • Space for you to move

  • A pillow or blanket for comfort and support

  • Something to set the mood for your relaxation (I'll have a candle!)

  • You can turn off your video feed if you feel uncomfortable ( though this helps me help you, and everyone will be most likely practicing :) )

  • Have a cup of tea if you'd like

  • Feel free to contact me if you have any questions in the meantime!

Art & Introspective Creative

I'm excited to share this
practice with you

Big Picture Creativity

Tue 7pm

Learn practices of how you can get creative, so that you can flex creativity as a muscle.

The workshop includes a short discussion on the neuroscience of creativity and how to live a more creative life. The talk follows a facilitated art exercise and meditation involved within the group session.

CReative Flow & Zone Session

Every other
Thu 7pm

Join an open session and carve out time to focus your creativty and explore a hobby or craft.

This session is facilitated with mindfulness and meditation practices as you create without expectation.

A Brush with Fear

Wed 7pm

Get in touch with the flight or fight response in your nervous system.

This workshop that blends physiology, biopsychology, and mindfulness practices to create space to befriend your fears.

In this workshop, we will use art as a way to relate, practice techniques on embracing Fear as an inner guide.



This sliding scale & donation-based class is something that I have put time, care, and thought into offering to you.
My Venmo is @Ann-Le-5 for either before or after our session.

Slow Glow Yoga

Tue 7pm

A bit of l ight activity to warm into the body, wind down into the evening, and shake the day off.

Morning Metta

Wed 9am

A mix of smooth movements - to build up a compassionate strength & connect to the intention of your day ahead.

Slower Glow Yoga

Wed 7pm

A satisfying blend of restorative & flow- to sink into the evening & recharge with meditative pauses.